About Me


I started this blog mainly to capture some snippets of my life before they are forgotten. Writing them down tends to preserve the original context as opposed to just making a mental note. I used to resist sharing with the public (typical Asian kiasu mentality) until I started reading some interesting blogs written by other people, including the feedback they manage to attract. Social media like Facebook and Instagram also make it more natural for people to share their lives. It has become a trend and I slowly embrace it by being more open with my thoughts.

Some say they love reading my posts but some think I’m being a bit like an attention seeker. Then I remember this funny quote “if you are rich, your mom-in-law thinks you are a crook; if you are poor, she thinks you are a bum’. Those who are close to me enough would know why I particularly love this quote… haha! Why bother with pleasing everyone? If you don’t like it, then don’t read it lahh. You can’t really complain about free gifts right? haha…

Ok, few facts about me. I’m just gonna borrow some from the #20factsaboutme I completed recently. I seriously think 10 facts are more than enough.

1. I have a soft voice but very loud opinion and I don’t really care how people judge me.

2. I have no interest in online games so please don’t send me any game invitation, especially candy crush.

3. Kitchen is the place I find solace at home. Kitchen Appliances Department is where I find solace when I’m out shopping.

4. I’m in a relationship with a lovely girl named Erica and she’s one of the reason I blog.

5. I call myself a voracious reader and I burry myself in business biographies.

6. I named myself Daryl after living 19 years with a difficult-to-pronounce Chinese name. Just as I have solved the pronunciation issue, people start naming me Darly in writing.

7. Sometimes I eat spaghetti and ice-cream using chopsticks. I’m obsessive with Chinese culture.

8. I think sarcasm is the greatest flavour to a message and it sticks to people’s mind easily. Because of that, some people think I’m a bastard.

9. I’m a very competitive person and I believe in the survival of the fittest. That’s leaning towards ring-wing thinking.

10. I respect smart, positive, charismatic and humble people and I’m striving to become one of them.

For more see my instagram.


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