What Is Possible?

23 Sep

What is possible

This morning I came across this picture shared on Facebook. I smiled at the end of it because it’s so true and interesting when you put things in that context. It is very self-explanatory but I still have the urge to put a little bit of thoughts into it.

Being A Kid

It’s true that as a kid, I thought I could do anything. I wanted to be carpenter who creates beautiful furniture though I had not come across IKEA yet. I also wanted to be a scientist who can create robots after watching so much “Robocops” on TV. I even wanted to be a garbage collector after seeing how cool they were standing on the back of a moving garbage truck like this.chicagogarbagetruck

I actually thought it’s amazing that they managed to drive it from the back without even looking a the road in front. There was really no boundary when it came to imagination.

School Started

This was when teachers started telling me to study hard so that I could be a doctor, engineer or lawyer. They literally made me think that there were only three types of jobs in this world, how sad.

As an adult, I used wonder why my teachers never told us to be entrepreneurs. Then I realised lots of successful entrepreneurs are school dropouts. Ahhh…my teachers wanted to protect their “rice bowl”…haha! Jokes aside, I think the real reason is that professionals like doctors and engineers command a more steady income and they are generally preferred by parents.

One of my neighbour used to ask my mom, “Eh, your son study Economics later can get job meh? His study is good mah, so should be doctor!”

Upon Graduation

The most conventional route after graduation is applying for a job, always. Grades defined what you could do because it appear on the first line of your resume. To a lot of employers, spotting a bad grade even on a perfect resume is like staring at a hot bombshell who speaks in a man’s voice. It turns them off immediately. That’s true during my time when it came to the investment banking industry and management consulting, the holy grail of the employment world.

Some may have thought of starting a business, but their parents threaten to strangle them if they do. My mom used to tell me that nothing can be achieved if I don’t have work experience.

Job Experience

Some jobs undoubtedly bring great opportunities and open a few doors later in life. This is usually true if the job lets you interact with many different people or if you work with an incredibly helpful boss. But that kinda opportunity is very rare. Most people I know end up with a nine-to-five job numbing themselves while enriching their bosses. New opportunities? Where ohhh? This is particularly true in a huge organisation because your superiors are too busy with their own agenda (retire in peace, for example).Nobody gives a fuck about what you want really.


Not much input from me for the last two points but I genuinely agree that lots of great things are created by people without superhuman intelligence . Along the way, they engage the really smart ones to help with the execution. Perhaps that’s also why we see many MBAs working their asses off for those who didn’t even go to school. It won’t be that way forever of course. As more people have the chance to go to school, you probably see more entrepreneurs with a degree. At the same time, those working for them will have triple Phd and double Master degree.

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