A RM50k Scam

16 Sep

This is a true story.It happened to a friend of mine in her 50s, let’s call her Ms. C. She lost RM50k just a year ago in the most bizarre way I can imagine.

One day Ms. C entered a bank for some errands without any intention of withdrawing money. She bumped into a stranger who introduced himself as a Bruneian. He initiated a friendly conversation and asked Ms. C to read something from a piece of paper. The conversation continued. The next thing Ms. C remembered was the fact that she was in a shopping mall.

She was in panic because she has no recollection of what happened between the moment she was speaking to the Bruneian and the moment she appeared in a shopping mall. Her jaw dropped when she saw a RM50k withdrawal slip in her handbag. So the only thing she could do was to call her brother and they lodge a police report.

After some brief investigation, this is what they found out. The bank’s CCTV showed that after a lengthy conversation with the Bruneian, Ms. C proceeded to withdraw RM50k of cash in a big envelope. A few minutes of conversation ensued before Ms. C pass the cash to the Bruneian and they both left and parted ways. As usual for most CCTV in this country, when the police enlarged the Bruneian’s image, he turned into a Legoman that no one could recognise.

Lego SculptureWell, you should feel lucky to be able to get a playback actually.

By now everything came to light. The Bruneian has hypnotised Ms. C into giving him the cash and some call that a magical charm or black magic. The culprit is still at large at this moment and the police didn’t really do much after that. Come to think about it, there was no physical injury, blackmail or the usual criminal element. I’m not sure how easy it is to even prosecute that bastard.

RM50k is a lot of money to most of us. Now imagine you give away such a big part of your saving to a complete stranger, how many nights you are gonna cry yourself to sleep?


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